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We’re passionate about digital sustainability; we believe that digital can be more efficient. 

With our wealth of experience in design, strategy and policy, we can help you on your Net Zero journey.

Photo of Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth

Founder & digital sustainability consultant

Sustainability driven strategist, designer, and developer founded Aline at the beginning of 2021 after working in digital agencies for over 12 years.

Photo of Stephan Briggs

Stephan Briggs

Group CEO

Driving the Group and its client partners towards a more sustainable way of operating through transformational business strategies.

Photo of Paul Newbury

Paul Newbury


An expert in bringing the technical innovations needed to deliver carbon reduction technology that boosts client's digital performance.

Photo of Floran Calvet

Floran Calvet

Researcher & Marketer

With a career focused on sustainability and innovation, brings a deep knowledge of the wider sustainability market to help shape our approach and offering.