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Before becoming a part of Yard Group, they were a client of ours. While we helped get the conversation started about digital sustainability and how Yard could lower the impact caused by digital, we started to talk about the impact of their website.

Utilising Beacon and some traffic data from Adobe Analytics we ran an audit in July 2021. This audit showed that the website would cause 148kg of CO2e emissions over the course of 12 months and while this isn't huge we both knew it could be even lower.

One of the things I admire about Yard is their bravery as they opted for a full rebrand and redesign instead of simply reworking their current website to make it more sustainable.

While we took care of development to ensure that best practices were followed, we worked alongside Jason and Penny. who took care of visuals and content respectively. A whole new brand and website was created to allow Yard to showcase their work, people and purpose in an extremely efficient, lightweight and low-carbon way.

The new website launched in March 2022 and using the same data from the first audit, we created a new one. This new audit showed that the new website would emit just 3kg of CO2e over 12 months - this is a reduction of 98% in comparison to the original website.