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Published by Chris Butterworth
on 22.03.2021

Nothing says brand new business and brand new website without the explanation of why.

TLDR; Aline was set up after the decision was made to collaborate more with businesses instead of pitching against other studios

People can have multiple reasons for setting up a business and this is one of those cases - where it’s not a singular reason but a combination of many.

I’ve been a developer under many different guises for over 12 years now; with the past few years being focused on the idea of digital sustainability after stumbling on a paper by Greenpeace showing how much CO2 is created every year by the IT industry.

After finding this out, I changed jobs and started working for Wholegrain Digital who are a B Corp certified WordPress agency. While working there I became frustrated at how little the impact created was and wanted to push more creativity within the work they produced, for sustainability to work it needs to be seen as beautiful and exactly the same or even better than the unsustainable counterparts and I feel they missed this. There was also a massive difference of opinion with Wholegrain choosing WordPress for every single project; even when, in my opinion, it wasn’t the most appropriate platform due to scalability, performance and stability issues.

This frustration boiled over a bit and with an old designer colleague of mine decided to set up Generate Space, a small design and development studio focused on creating sustainable digital solutions without sacrificing aesthetic values – this was brilliant, as it allowed us to focus on the design and solution rather than the platform; where I used anything PHP based including WordPress but also Kirby, Laravel, Statamic and even something completely custom where a platform was overkill.

While GS was going great, my business partner couldn’t really commit the time or energy needed to grow the agency and produce more work. Even with all the proposals we were sending out and the pitches we did, we weren’t getting enough work to make the company viable so we needed to push it’s growth.

This is when I had a brainwave about setting up a consultancy, to be able to collaborate instead of compete. This way we can work with other agencies instead of pitching against them, making sure that the output is the most sustainable digital solution for any given problem regardless of who else you choose to choose to work with.

Looking forward to the future of Aline and pushing for the change we all need for a better planet.