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Published on 24.04.2021

New website

The first iteration of this site was rushed, I’ll openly admit it; so after careful consideration we decided it was time to add a bit of polish.

I say that but we ended up building again from the ground up and focused more on our content and our messaging to help get our point across while still showing off our skills by creating an exceptionally lightweight and purposeful experience.

Adding iconography to visualise some aspects of our messaging, showing our value over simply stating “this is what we do”.

Adding accreditations and oragnisations to show how serious we are as well as a brand new Beacon badge!

New Beacon features

We’ve released a couple of new features for Beacon, the badge (which you can see in our footer) and a PDF export of a report.

The badge is created with a tiny piece of JavaScript (1.2KB, to be precise) which grabs your results from Beacon and draws the badge - you can find out how to embed it here:

The PDF export is accessible on a results page, and makes the results easier to share even to those using older technologies where the experience for Beacon will be very different in comparison to those using modern browsers which it is designed to support.

The next few weeks

There’s a list of features we’re working on for Beacon including multi-language and a blog/knowledge base but time will tell when these can be released.

In the mean time, we’ll be writing up and delivering our workshops – get in touch using the details below if they’d be of interest to you and your organisation.