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Using web design and development as a gateway into digital sustainability


While the CODES Action Plan sets initiatives that are global and multi-stakeholder in their application, there are still a number of things SMEs can do to lower their online impact.

The carbon impact of everyday items


With the explosion of the industry, there are a range of technologies throughout our households which have an effect on our daily lives and daily carbon impact.

The growth of dark data


Dark data is the information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes. Its global carbon footprint is immense.

Why digital isn't included as an industry for the SBTi


The SBTi has become the authority when it comes to setting science-based targets but doesn't have digital listed as one of it's sector despite its exponential growth in recent years, this article discusses why that may be.

How sustainable design best practices can help combat data poverty and build brand value


Not everyone has the fastest internet connection which can affect how they use online tools in their daily lives, in this article we look at how sustainable design practices can help with this and combat data poverty.

The Staggering Ecological Impacts of Computation and the Cloud


Anthropologist Steven Gonzalez Monserrate draws on five years of research and ethnographic fieldwork in server farms to illustrate some of the diverse environmental impacts of data storage.

Climate change: Airlines miss all but one target - report


An eye opening report on the aviation industry consistently missing its own targets.

How to reduce the environmental impact of your next virtual meeting


An overview of a new report released by MIT showing how to reduce the environmental impact of your next virtual meeting with some straight forward tips.

The sustainability leader's guide to climate targets and disclosure


Assessing emissions and climate risk, then setting targets and reporting on progress, is a complex yet urgent undertaking – BusinessGreen's latest webinar with Planetly's Micha Schildmann offered a blueprint for effective corporate climate governance. (Pay wall)

Institute for Government slams 'incoherent' government net zero policymaking


Policy decisions surrounding new coal mines, air passenger duty, and North Seo oil and gas are undermining the government's net zero agenda, think tank warns. (Pay wall)

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